• Sports Fingerprint Jewelry Stainless Steel (Flat)


    Create a special personalized necklace featuring a fingerprint sports theme design. Choose to incorporate a loved one's fingerprint with their favorite sport- baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis or volleyball. The pendant can accommodate up to 3 personalization's on the back to include baby footprints, handprint, fingerprint(s) or photo.

    Metal Choice: 925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold, 14K Solid Rose Gold or Platinum.(ask for pricing)

    Pendant Style: Choose from chamber or non-chamber style. Chamber pendants have a discreet inner compartment that is air and water tight when sealed with rubber gasket threaded-screw closure. Companion has 2 chambers and is available only with precious metal round (not available with stainless steel or oval football design). No chamber pendants are generally thinner without hollow inside.

    Front OptionsYou may personalize the front with your choice of Fingerprint with Baseball, Basketball, Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball or Volleyball on the round pendant or Fingerprint with Football on oval pendant.

    Back OptionsYou may personalize the back with up to 3 personalization's additional cost may apply.